Encompassing Amador, Calaveras, Mariposa and Tuolumne Counties

Board Meeting Minutes
Home of Holly & Rodger Orman
Murphys, CA
January 21, 2015
Updated Apr. 25, 2015

Mother Lode Jewish Community Board Meeting Minutes 1-21-2015
Held At Orman’s Home, Murphys, CA

Present:   Joanne Elliot, Andy Kositsky, Rick Singer, David Simons, Tami Schaner, Ron Schaner, Rodger Orman, Holly
Orman and Donna Diamond.
Unable to attend: Teri Broleman, Kris Klerk, JoLynn Miller, Dale Silverman

I.        Meeting called to Order by David Simons at  6:30 pm

II.        Minutes of 10/15/14:  M/S/A with one correction: Donna Diamond present @ last mtg.

III.        Treasurers Report        (see attached) presented by Holly Orman. M/S/A

a.        Motion to spend $50-$100 for a Bat Mitzvah gift for Lena Hirsh’s bat Mitzvah scheduled for June 13, 2015
         if Andy cannot find suitable gift in the bequest from the Shapiro’s M/S/A.

IV.        New Board Business
David Simons  lead a discussion about Judy Miller’s emails.
Action agreed upon:  Rodger and David are going to visit with Judy about professional help for the web site and for
Judy Miller to apologize to Dale for  the offensive email.

V.        Events

Ø        Past Events Evaluations:  
·        Dawn’s house Shabbat went well, well attended.  
·        Hanukkah went well.  Multi generational.  Enjoyed by all.
·        Havdalah at Theda’s went well; well attended.  Singing led by R’Andra’s daughter (a cantorial student) plus
dancing and piano playing by Theda Wagoner’s daughter’s husband, Gunther.  Grandkids running around and it was
a great event thanks to the Rabbi’s warmth.

Ø        Future  MLJC Events:
·        Tu Bish Vat  at Rhoda and John’s on Feb 8 at noon.

·        March 5 Purim Prep/Hamentashen making, 2 to 5 at Ormans’.

·        March 7  Purim Party 6 to 10 at Ormans’ with an Island Luau theme.

·        Cemetery Cleanup and Lag B’Omer May 3

·        Campout at Big Trees:  A new date needs to be selected. Tami to follow-up.

·        Sunday, August 16 (tentative date): Potluck at the Singer’s home on Lake Tulloch
Ø        Possible additional event:  Brush and Cork:  Painting Class by Judy Grossman, $25* per person for art      
supplies. Holly will explore details and assess member interest.

Ø        Other Regional Jewish Community Events of possible interest to our members:
·        Mega Challah Bake event sponsored by Temple Israel on Feb 19 at 6:30 pm at University Plaza Waterfront
Hotel, 110 West Fremont Street, Stockton, CA. Cost is $18, advance registration required.  Secretary to send notice
to members.
·        June 13  Lena Hirsh’s Bat Mitzvah.  MLJC members apparently will be invited, will discuss with Beth DeLima as to
how this will be done.

VI.        Membership Report as submitted by Dale Silverman was reviewed. M/S/A

VII.         Next  Meeting:  April 22, 2015  6:15 PM Dinner and 6:30 PM Meeting.

VIII.        Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.

Minutes by Rodger Orman

* Post meeting closure, Holly advised board via email that cost is $35 ea.