November 12, 2014
MessageFrom Our President
                                "Let your house be wide open'   Pirkei Avot  1:5
                                        (Ethics of our fathers)

I have had the privilege of serving as president of the Mother Lode Jewish Community's Board of
Directors for several years.  The Mother Lode Jewish Community is a “family” bound by traditions,
culture and history, a “family” that comes together to share the joys of our Jewish heritage.  We are a
small community celebrating many holidays and events such as Passover, Chanukah, Simchat Torah
and Shabbat, with services and dinners primarily at member’s homes.  Our strength is our relationship
with one another, exemplified by support, caring and concern for our members.  As a small group, we
are participatory, with all events organized by our members willingly, joyfully and voluntarily.  Our
events are thus intimate and personal, with these Jewish experiences a meaningful aspect of out

This past year, through the diligence and perseverance of our Rabbi Search Committee, we have been
truly blessed, and it is with much pleasure we welcome, Rabbi Andra and her husband, Loren, into the
Mother Lode Jewish Community.  She will be officiating at many of our holidays, services, and events
throughout this coming year and brings to our group a wealth of information regarding religious
observance, history of our people and the importance of Torah in our daily lives. We are all enriched
by her presence.

Rabbi Andra’s rich knowledge of our Jewish traditions, coupled with her warmth, sincerity and caring
manner will enhance and facilitate our mission to provide opportunities and events that nurture an
enduring Jewish identity and community in the Motherlode.  Dates for our monthly gatherings can be
viewed on the calendar tab on this website.  We will also be posting spiritual message from Rabbi
Andra on the Rabbi's Msg. Tab.

For those of you who are not yet members, we sincerely hope you will decide to become a part of our
community and join us in our services and events throughout the coming year.  Our events and
activities are open to both members and non-members of the Jewish faith and their families.  The only
membership criteria is that one family member is Jewish.  A minimum donation of $5.00 for an
individual and $10 for a family is required for membership, with annual membership renewal beginning
shortly before the High holidays.  Our goal is a donation of $100 per family per year.  Larger
contributions are greatly appreciated and provide flexibility in planning our various events
throughout the year. We have a fund available to absorb the minimum donation as needed.

For more information regarding membership, click on the membership tab or send your contact
information  (including e mail address) and donation to:

P.O. Box 1142
Angels Camp, Ca  95222.


David Simons
President, MLJC